Background Cases

TCM Group Ukraine

Infrastructure and cybersecurity of an international law firm.

A law firm that opened more than 100 offices around the world faced a problem of growth: not all processes grew simultaneously. Thus, the work speed of specialists who worked in the company decreased, software and hardware problems also appeared.


An audit was conducted and the weaknesses in the IT infrastructure which caused failures and low work speed of IT-tools, software, and hardware were identified. The IT-infrastructure was rebuilt according to the company's volume and the corresponding software was installed. After successful technical work, it was decided to provide technical support 24/7 by InDevLab specialists.


Now the entire infrastructure of the company and all offices of the company are supported by InDevLab 24/7 technical support. Despite the difference in time zones and distances between offices, all components of the IT-infrastructure work smoothly.

Why InDevLab


Prohorova Mary


Hanzhelo Dmytro


Shepshelei Alina


Chornoshchokyy Dmitriy


Baranovskiy Anton

Project Manager of development team

Bluce Alex

Technical Support Team Lead

Usikov Maksym

Front end development Team lead

Bedko Illya

Backend Team Lead


Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

[email protected]

+380 (44) 223-84-97


Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

[email protected]

+380 (44) 223-84-97