Background Cases

Audit by US embassy

Cybersecurity and data integrity. Audit of IT infrastructure and IT systems.

Due to international activities and the political situation in Ukraine, the project was forced to undergo an audit by the US Embassy for cybersecurity.


The penetration tests, infrastructure audit, code audit, project and business process audits, access rights were carried out. According to the results of the internal audit, significant improvements in the cybersecurity system have been made. After this, international auditors started auditing the project.


The project has successfully undergone the audit by the US Embassy.

Why InDevLab


Hanzhelo Dmytro


Prohorova Mary


Shepshelei Alina


Chornoshchokyy Dmitriy


Baranovskiy Anton

Project Manager of development team

Bluce Alex

Technical Support Team Lead

Usikov Maksym

Front end development Team lead

Bedko Illya

Backend Team Lead


Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

[email protected]

+380 (44) 223-84-97


Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

[email protected]

+380 (44) 223-84-97