29 October 2021

10 tips on cybersecurity for organizations

Due to the fact that today almost all operations of any enterprise are carried out through computers, it is important to know how to secure important data on a computer.

Below are the top 10 cybersecurity tips we recommend you follow.

  1. Make a plan of action in case a threat is detected.

In case your company will become the target of a cyber-attack, you need to have a plan of action to immediately resolve the problem and minimize losses.

  1. Perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

It is important to conduct regular testing of security systems in order to know the very “holes”.  In this way, the organization can identify and fix vulnerabilities to prevent an attacker from exploiting them.

  1. Update applications and operating systems in your network.

A simple way of protection against potential vulnerabilities is to provide continuous updating of software used in your business.

  1. Train staff to monitor cybersecurity.

Sometimes, even with highly secure IT infrastructure, the hackers can still compromise a company via the human factor. For many years criminals are successfully using fishing to steal tools and data from companies. The best way to combat fishing is to train staff to ensure that the human factor is minimized.

  1. Actively and continuously monitor your network.

You need to constantly monitor a computer network for anomalous activity that could signal a data breach in real-time.

  1. Audit your data.

It will show which systems store sensitive information. Knowing what data is stored and where it is located, will help to prioritize and focus on cybersecurity.

  1. Regularly check authorized users and account privileges.

It is equally important to conduct checks of those who have access to the company’s systems, especially those who have administrative access. Administrators often have unhindered access to files throughout the organization, the ability to create new accounts and change permission settings for other users. A common goal for hackers after gaining access to the network is to create access to the administrator account, that is, to increase privileges.

  1. Make regular backups of data.

The presence of only one copy of the organization’s data exposes companies to significant risk of data loss. Human error, unexpected system failure, natural disaster, or other problems can cause data losses.

        9. Constantly improve your security system.

Hackers use the latest technologies to gain access to your systems and you need to use the latest and most optimized protection methods to protect your business, at least it is worth updating Windows or iOS on working computers.

  1. Carry out a cybersecurity assessment.

By attracting a trusted third-party consultant to conduct a cybersecurity assessment, the company creates the basis for analyzing the current state of affairs and forms a list of measures to improve security.

Adopting these practical strategies will help your business take its security program to the next level and better prepare for potential threats. If you want to secure your business in the information space by 100%, then, first of all, you need to contact a company that specializes in the development of cybersecurity products. Such services are provided by our company InDevLab. It is important for us that your data and business in the information space are protected while you deal with the development and prosperity of your enterprise.