InDevLab history

InDevLab is an IT and R&D center that specializes in developing new IT solutions and cybersecurity for medium and large businesses. InDevLab was founded in Kiev by two Ukrainians - Dmitro Hanzhelo and Mary Prohorova.

  • In just a few years, from just a few people the company has grown into a market leader in development and cybersecurity. The first services of the company were Web development and construction of IT infrastructure.
  • The main areas of the company: software development, construction and audit of cybersecurity, IT infrastructure services.
  • The company has its own products that are used to build effective solutions for business: “Auto-scaling of IT infrastructure”, “Continuous cybersecurity audit 24/7”, “Cyber ​​risk insurance”, “Cloud office” and “Automated cybersecurity audit for business”.

Today the company operates in the markets of the CIS, Europe and the USA. The main office is situated in Kiev.

Company of the year 2019

According to a study by the All-Ukrainian Industrial Analytical Center, InDevLab won in the “Company of the Year 2019” nomination.

InDevLab company is included in the register of reliable and investment-attractive enterprises in Ukraine and is officially recommended for cooperation. The study involved 2232 Ukrainian IT companies.

InDevLab is also a member of organizations such as KTPP, EBA and others.

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Company's mission and goals

InDevLab's mission is to help business develop and achieve goals through innovative and IT technologies.

There is still a gap in the market between IT tools and business goals, namely the perception of the IT component as an inefficient and subsidized part of the business model.

The company’s goal is to make IT solutions efficient, reliable and secure, creating “IT for Business”, instead of the already existing “Business for IT”.

Facts about the company

  • During the development of the blockchain product, the Ethereum blockchain could not withstand the load and incoming data. The Ethereum test network was down for two days. Our developers wrote their own blockchain on the Ethereum fork, which was currently unveiled.

  • Report of Dmytro Hanzhelo at the iForum2019 conference was included in the “TOP-18 reports for business” and became the second on the “Internet technology” stream. The report was dedicated to cybersecurity and is called Cybersecurity. Is the beast so frightened as being painted?”

  • The 24/7 Continuous Cybersecurity Audit methodology was invented while preparing a presentation in the last moment. While preparing it in one of the round-the-clock places in Kiev, Dmytro Hanzhelo made a mistake in the formulation. After checking the presentation, Dmytro discovered an error and found the methodology. The methodology was presented at the conference, where it was positively received by experts and directors on cybersecurity. Then it was realized and implemented.

  • The founder of the company, Dmytro Hanzhelo, was a metallurgist by his first education, and Mary Prokhorova was a software engineer. Curious is the fact that Dmytro is responsible for the technical component and innovative IT solutions, and Mary is responsible for development, promotion and operational management. And also, 90% of the company's employees did not receive their first diploma in their specialty, retrained and “shifted to IT”.

  • The most experienced employee of the company has 34 years of experience in IT-technologies. During his youth he even worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and miraculously avoided the tragedy. The day before the explosion, his health condition worsened and he went to a dispensary near Pripyat. That's what intuition means!

  • The mascot (character) of InDevLab is “Mr. Anonymus” - a cartoon character with a Guy Fawkes mask in a black hat and black cloak. Mascot is often used in branded products and printing materials: stickers, notebooks, postcards.

  • The founders did not attract external investment and capital to create the company. “All we had was strength, energy and time 24/7. And this is in the absence of funds...” It is also interesting that the company began its existence with the complete bankruptcy of its two founders.

  • The company has a real mail called “Letters of Happiness”. Company employees write anonymous letters to each other with words of support, share their impressions and congratulate each other on achievements. Mail is distributed to all offices, each employee weekly on Wednesday-Thursday.

  • The company has its own constitution, which describes the unwritten rules for employees written by the employees themselves. It talks about teamwork, respect, development and achievement of personal and team goals.

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InDevLab provides software development and R&D solutions, infrastructure projects, and enterprise cyber security.



Hanzhelo Dmytro

CEO, co-owner


Prohorova Mary

Managing partner, co-owner


Shepshelei Alina

Head of Delivery


Baranovskiy Anton

Project Manager of development team


Bluce Alex

Technical Support Team Lead


Usikov Maksym

Front end development Team lead


Bedko Illya

Backend Team Lead


Oreper Rina

Head of recruitment


Trembach Denys

Head of cybersecurity


Belokon Artem

Head of design


Slavnikova Veronika

PR manager