11 April 2019

Top 5 interesting books about bitcoins and blockchain

Today almost everybody is interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Every year this topic gains popularity and becomes the subject of numerous discussions.

For some people it is an incredible breakthrough in the field of innovative technologies, the technology of the future, which can fundamentally change the global financial market. For others it is nothing more than a speculative bubble that is about to burst and harm the global economy. Many men, many minds. So the question of blockchain remains open. To accept this or that point of view, you should first understand the essence of the work of this technology, what makes it so special, what advantages or disadvantages it has and what are the prospects.

These 5 informative and interesting books will help you get all the necessary information about the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  1.  “Digital Gold” by Nathaniel Popper

This is an incredibly honest book, which describes in detail the history of the development of the world’s first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. It introduces us to the inventors of this technology, their revolutionary ideas, and motives. It also tells how the public and the state reacted for the first time to the appearance of such a miracle, how the first exchanges, communities, start-ups were organized and the first investors appeared. The story comes from different people, for example, Satoshi Nakamoto (the founder of Bitcoin), Winklevoss twins, various bankers, and millionaires who played their own role in the history of the cryptocurrency. And the important thing is that the book highlights the reasons that led to the blockchain’s worldwide popularity.

  1.  “The Internet of Money” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

The book “Internet of Money” contains selected lectures about Bitcoin technology collected by the author from around the world. The idea of the book is to show the importance of this cryptocurrency, to explain why it is so unique and how our future can change thanks to this technology. Here you will find many analogies on history and everyday life that will help you understand the complex issues regarding this topic. Andreas Antonopoulos objectively assesses both the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technology. Therefore, if you are interested in studying blockchain from different angles, this book will come to the rescue.

  1.  “The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order” by Paul Vigna, Michael J. Casey

This book is the 11th most popular book about digital currencies on Amazon. Its authors tell about the history of Bitcoins, what role they play in the modern world and what it can offer us. Paul Vigna and Michael Casey are confident that “…a cryptocurrency can be a breakthrough in technology. Other things being equal, a technological breakthrough increases the efficiency of the economy and accelerates the accumulation of social wealth».

  1.  “The Business Blockchain” by Vitalik Buterin, William Mougayar

The author of the book, William Mougayar is a wise analyst and prudent investor who has a good knowledge of this technology and whose thoughts we can trust. If you are a businessman who is thinking about implementing the blockchain platform into your business, but still doubt its capabilities, then this book is for you. After all, all the necessary knowledge about this technology you will find here, including where and how it can be applied. The book is perfect for those who are just starting to explore blockchain and who want to learn more about its peculiarities.

  1.  “Blockchain. New Economy Scheme ” by Melanie Swan.

The technology of the blockchain in this book is described in a simple and accessible language. The author did not go deep into the technical elements of the system so that the principles of this platform could be understood even by beginners. In his book, Melanie Swan also examines ways to implement it from a philosophical and social point of view. In addition, she talks about the functional characteristics of the blockchain and gives vivid examples of potential fields of its applications. Therefore, if you are interested in financial instruments and technological innovation, and do not know where to start, start with this book. And a general understanding of this technology will be guaranteed.