29 January 2019

Why do we need web development?

Before introducing all the benefits of web development and revealing what it is used for, let’s first understand what it means.

In simple words, web development is the creation of websites and programs that take place on the Internet. All the websites you visit every day are created with the help of web development technologies. However, the main difference between these sites lies in the functionality and capabilities offered by a particular website to the target audience. Today, business pages containing only a nice text and a vivid picture will not attract the attention of the client in the way that websites based on interactive components do. These are the components that help to “establish communication” with a potential user and maintain proper interaction with them. And web developers are the ones that will design a lively and multi-functional website and provide them with effective interactive tools as feedback, subscription, newsletters and much more.

Web development components

Web programming is accomplished with the help of special computer programs – scripts, which are divided into server-side and client-side scripts. Server-side scripts are controlled by a Web server, while client-side scripts – by the browser (a computer that contains site files). Client-side scripts are used to verify the correctness of the information provided by users and to process it without the server’s help, which significantly reduces server load. These scripts are built in the HTML code of the page and in order to make it work we have a browser that supports client-side scripts. Client-side scripting languages include such programming languages as JavaScript, Java, and VBScript.

One should pay special attention to the JavaScript language. This is the most popular client-side programming language, supported by all modern web browsers. With the help of JavaScript, the pages of the website become more lively and interactive. This language usually helps to implement such effects as tooltips, animations, responses to the cursor movement, pop-ups on the website pages.  Also, JavaScript is widely used to verify the information entered by the user.

Unlike client-side scripts, server technologies are run by a web server. It works in the following way: when a user enters a website’s page by clicking on a link or typing URL in the browser’s address bar, the server, in the first place, brings the chosen program into action and only then shows the visitor a processed page in the form of HTML document. Server-side scripts are a perfect tool for processing information, integrating WEB with databases, creating dynamic pages, and providing simple work with folders and files. No online store works without the help of server scripts. After all, they give the user an opportunity to calculate the total purchase price, change the data in his shopping basket, indicate the time and date of the order, and much more. Among the well-known server-side programming languages are SQL, Perl, Java, Python, MySQL, and PHP. However, the most popular server programming language is PHP. With the help of PHP language, we can use such software components as polls, guest books, product sales, and others.

So what are the benefits of high-quality web development?

Every website aims to draw the user’s attention. It is very important for the website pages to provide not only meaningful text, but also astonish its users with the dynamism, adaptive web design, interactiveness and ease usage. High-quality web development allows you to expand the boundaries of the site, provides an opportunity to enrich and diversify the site, adding to the structure the above-mentioned effects such as polls, forums, commercials, games, chat and much more. Thus, web programming technologies help to interact with users and build trusting relationship with them. After all, the customer loyalty increases significantly if the website contains the high-quality photos, shows comments from other users, gives an opportunity to quickly contact a consultant (thanks to the online chat) or write directly to the company’s email. Creating these and other elements on the site is impossible without the use of web programming technologies. Therefore, if you want to develop not just a website, but an attractive multifunctional resource with greater opportunities, the effective web development will help you out.