Background Cases

Data security in E-medicine

Cybersecurity and Data Security.

The data of the users of the medical mobile application was leaked and all information from the working servers was removed. The work of the product itself and on the product as well has stopped. The incident occurred at night on the weekends. We were contacted for help on the third day after the incident.


Analysis of infrastructure, history, servers and logins allowed to determine when the incident occurred, who did it and how he did it. The data was restored. After eliminating the consequences and causes, the work on cybersecurity and reconfiguration of servers and services, code audit and its refinement was made. Then the product was provided with a technical support.


The current security system and infrastructure allow an infinite number of employees and developers to simultaneously work on the product and not worry about overflowing information or about hacking.

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Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

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Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

[email protected]

+380 (44) 223-84-97