Background Cases

Cybersecurity of FinTech solutions

Cybersecurity and data integrity. Audit of IT infrastructure and IT systems.

US financial company developed its new IT-product and was preparing to launch it. Since IT-tools in the banking and financial environment are subject to great risks and suffer millions in losses, the management team decided to provide additional methods and tools for cybersecurity of the launched product.


A complete product audit was conducted to find out strengths and weaknesses. To do this, security and IT experts checked the following components and IT security systems:
- Vulnerability to DDoS attacks;
- Resistance to external cyber attacks;
- Infrastructure architecture;
- The functionality of all the infrastructure elements;
- Created code;
- Technical Documentation;
- The existing law and access policy;
and other components of cybersecurity.


After the audit was conducted, the management team revealed the strengths and weaknesses of its product. Based on the audit results and recommendations of InDevLab specialists, the management team decided to take additional stages of development and postponed the release of the product in order to achieve high rates of the product’s cyber security.

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