Background Cases


Development of software and IT systems.

After 2 years of work, a medical project hasn't achieved the required results, although it replaced a lot of developers and technical managers. Their competency and specialization turned out to be insufficient for building a highly loaded system. The deadlines weren't met, and the product was not working.


An architecture and code audit were conducted. According to the results of the audit, it was decided to completely remodel the product. Creating a product code from scratch was cheaper and faster than finalizing it. We started with the development of business processes and product, architecture, and infrastructure.


For 4 months, 100% was created from scratch of the product, which initially took 2 years of development with the achievement of all indicators. Over the next, months, the plan was exceeded by 180%. 6 months of InDevLab teamwork was 6 times less costly in terms of time resources and 5 times less the in terms of financial costs.

Why InDevLab


Hanzhelo Dmytro


Prohorova Mary


Shepshelei Alina


Chornoshchokyy Dmitriy


Baranovskiy Anton

Project Manager of development team

Bluce Alex

Technical Support Team Lead

Usikov Maksym

Front end development Team lead

Bedko Illya

Backend Team Lead


Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

[email protected]

+380 (44) 223-84-97


Kazimira Malevicha str. 86П, office 507

[email protected]

+380 (44) 223-84-97