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IT infrastructure audit and consulting services for ULF Finance leasing company

InDevLab IT infrastructure audit and consulting services. Experience with products and companies in FinTech field.

All-Ukrainian leasing company started active growing and new strategy on a local market.

The TOP management needed to check all capabilities and IT instruments, decide all technical issues, predictive and stoped IT infrastructure risks, before the active market campaign will start.

The ULF Finance company is a service of financial, operational, efficient leasing and service maintenance, to enter the TAS group of companies.


The subject of cooperation was a full audit of the company's IT infrastructure: servers and internal services. What we have done from our side:

– Checked the correct operation of all services;

– Explored all servers of the company;

– Provided load testing;

– Verification of the feasibility of using all available resources were performed;

– Checking policies and access rights;

– Projects code and architecture investigation;

– IT infrastructure arhitecture research.

Based on the data obtained, the specialists prepared a detailed report and provided recommendations, and technical consulting services.


Based on the results of the work, recommendations were formed to optimize the resources used and recommendations to eliminate weaknesses in the existing IT infrastructure.

After reviewing the results of the audit and communication with InDevLab specialists, the customer's management decided to partially modify the IT infrastructure to optimize resources and eliminate weaknesses. 
After all modification ULF Finance optimized costs and increased the performance of IT services by 2 times.

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Hanzhelo Dmytro

CEO, co-owner


Prohorova Mary

Managing partner, co-owner


Shepshelei Alina

Head of Delivery


Baranovskiy Anton

Project Manager of development team


Bluce Alex

Technical Support Team Lead


Usikov Maksym

Front end development Team lead


Bedko Illya

Backend Team Lead


Oreper Rina

Head of recruitment


Trembach Denys

Head of cybersecurity


Belokon Artem

Head of design


Slavnikova Veronika

PR manager