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IT infrastructure for NaUrok. Audience growth in 25 times

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The events taking place in Ukraine (quarantine regime throughout the country) naturally caused a manifold increase in the audience of the resource.
The available resources of the project as of February 2020 in the conditions of a growing audience were insufficient to ensure the stable operation of the resource.

In this regard, the Customer turned to InDevLab for help.


A full audit of the entire IT infrastructure of the production and enterprise was carried out.
After that, the reasons and weaknesses were found.

DevOps engineers of InDevLab, referring to their own experience in building clusters, suggested breaking the current configuration into components, placing the existing base and web application on several virtual machines, with the creation of several Application server instances.

The engineers designed and built a new architecture for the IT infrastructure, which made it possible to seamlessly parallelize all production processes.

At the same time, a private cloud was created with the protection of all parameters of the IT infrastructure and the basic cyber protection tools were configured.


DevOps engineers of InDevLab have done a tremendous job. The customer received the following results:
- Completely rebuilt IT infrastructure;
- Built fault-tolerant system;
- Fast load balancing on servers;
- Customized cybersecurity tools;
- Built private cloud;
- Customized CI / CD processes and tools.

As a result of the work done:
- Traffic to the resource grew 20-25 times during the first quarantine (spring 2020);
- The site withstood the load of over 10 million users at it's peak;
- During 2020, the NaUrok site entered the top 10 most visited sites in Ukraine .

InDevLab providing services of technical support and technical monitoring of the NaUrok platform in a 24/7 mode now.

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Hanzhelo Dmytro

CEO, co-owner


Prohorova Mary

Managing partner, co-owner


Shepshelei Alina

Head of Delivery


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Project Manager of development team


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Technical Support Team Lead


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Front end development Team lead


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Backend Team Lead


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Head of recruitment


Trembach Denys

Head of cybersecurity


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Head of design


Slavnikova Veronika

PR manager