Background Cases

Digitization of the public sector

Development of software and IT systems.

A public authority was reforming for undergoing a reform to modernize, specifically for younger citizens to get into the labor market. Digitalization was a big part of it for both transparency and service delivery. However, the new platform was facing closure due as resources increased - but progress did not. That’s when we got the call: “We have to digitize complex procedures for public service, while following compliance with all laws, and data security, can you help?”


On one hand, we had to maintain rigid compliance according to local laws for citizen services and data security. On the other, we had to innovate. Many of the IT systems for public service in Ukraine are 20 years old, and the culture of public service in a democracy is 29 years (young). We calculated where the most time was lost in the processes, but made sure to include the target group: system end-users (generation Z digital natives) and public servants. After conducting focus groups and design sprints, we then proposed a modern infrastructure with modern tools for process automation, which was accepted. This platform was completely developed, and then scaled for automated processes in more than 200 regional centers.


Within 3 months of launching our new version, over 10,000 people used this platform throughout the country. The average processing time of 4 weeks was reduced to 15 minutes. The core automation processes we designed have now been adapted and implemented for other processes in the institution, which leads secure modernization of public service in the country.

Why InDevLab


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