Background Cases

IT system for the public sector

Development of software and IT systems.

The public structure was about to be closed down due to the inefficient use of resources and the lack of progress in the results of its work. For its further existence, it was necessary to restructure the processes and methods of its work with the help of modern tools.


A strategy of reforming the public structure was proposed, which included process automation, working with a new, qualitatively young audience. The strategy has been accepted. A tool has been developed which helped us to automate the work in more than 200 regional centers.


More than 10,000 people received the structure services in the first three months in 15 minutes. This reduced the time of providing the service. It took only 15 minutes instead of 4 weeks. Now, other tools based on this solution are being designed and implemented. They take the structure to a new modern level.

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Hanzhelo Dmytro

CEO, co-owner

Prohorova Mary

Managing partner, co-owner

Shepshelei Alina


Chornoshchokyy Dmitriy


Baranovskiy Anton

Project Manager of development team

Bluce Alex

Technical Support Team Lead

Usikov Maksym

Front end development Team lead

Bedko Illya

Backend Team Lead

Oreper Rina

Head of recruitment

Trembach Denys

Head of cybersecurity

Belokon Artem

Head of design

Slavnikova Veronika

PR manager

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