Background Cases

LG Catalogue application development for LG Electronics

Software and mobile application development. Company digitalization and automatization.

How to digitalize resources and processes? How can digitalization help reduce costs? And also become more eco-conscious? We learned all this thanks to the collaboration between InDevLab and LG Electronics.

InDevLab, within the framework of cooperation with LG Electronics, has created a new mobile application, which now displays all the advantages and charms of the company's products. With new instruments of digitalization we saved budget that company spended on polygraphy, logistics services and so on.


To implement the mobile application, IndevLab provided the following services:

- Interfaces prototyping;
- UI/UX product design development, according to the brand book of the company;
- Development of mobile application interfaces according to the approved design;
- Development of mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms;
- Publication of mobile applications in AppStor and GooglePlay;
- Integration with external third-party services;
- Setting up analytics tools and tracking user experience.


The new product LG Catalogue was created from scratch in 2.5 months along with all the content. As a result, the company received the following results and indicators:

– Removed all processes related to printing and printing, its logistics by region;
– Saved and optimized printing budgets and related expenses;
– Increased the speed of making changes dozens of times: now if something changes in the description of the product, then there is no need to reprint all brochures and presentation materials;
– Easily added products and parameters to the electronic catalog;
– Is always near to the user (in his smartphone);
– With geo-location services, application shows users where they can get acquainted with the company's products live;
– Full recouped the investment in digitalization during the first year;
– Saved one forest as a minimum.

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CEO, co-owner


Prohorova Mary

Managing partner, co-owner


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Head of Delivery


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Project Manager of development team


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