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Scaling solution by InDevLab

Infrastructure scaling solution developed by InDevLab.

Working in the IT-sphere, security and infrastructure market, we faced the problem that had no solution for fast scaling of server capacities. There are currently 2 solutions on the market: to keep the server capacities with a margin and to spend finances on “spare servers”, or to raise additional server capacities which usually takes about 40 minutes.


We have developed an internal infrastructure and server capacity scaling product that allows you to balance the load on existing servers and, if needed, increase additional server capacity within 2 minutes without stopping or overloading infrastructure and IT-products. This product is also used as an internal technical support tool for infrastructure and IT-products for our customers.


This product operates on almost all client infrastructures. This solution saves 50% of funds for server capacity for each client (in some projects and areas these figures reach almost 90%) since the client does not need to keep 100 servers for a month to work 1-4 hours in a critical load. With the help of this product, one can pay only for the time which is used by these servers. And the deployment speed and scalability of server capacity takes only 2 minutes instead of the standard 40 minutes.

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