16 October 2019

5 tips on job search from our partner Jooble

In this article you will find some interesting and useful tips that will help you find a job in the shortest possible time.

Finding a new job can be very difficult. But if you take this task correctly, then you can find a job very quickly. Here are some tips from our partner Jooble.

Tip 1. Search for hidden jobs

Employers often rely on word of mouth, disseminating information among employees, acquaintances and friends. Ask your friends, maybe their company needs you.

Tip 2. Let employers come to you

When you publish your CV on the Internet, you instantly provide your data to thousands of employers, and this can save you from an independent job search. Many employers are looking for candidates at various sources. Consider the important point – your CV should be voluminous and correctly composed in order to attract the attention of the employer.

Tip 3. Check social networks

Today job search can be carried out through social networks. It will be enough to write on your page on that you are in search of work and perhaps you will be found by a company or your friends will recommend an ideal vacancy for you. In addition, there are social networks where there is almost no personal information but only business information. There you will find groups with vacancies for “job” or “job” requests.

Tip 4. Focus on the right company

Perhaps you already know exactly where you want to work. Go to the website of the desired company in the sections “Work with us” or “Career”, where they usually post vacancies. Choose and get connected with the employer directly.

Well, last but not least.

Tip 5. Enjoy the process

Job search is a time of change as well as a very important time for the development of your personality. Use this time to rethink your goals, find out what you really want, what exactly you do best and what you definitely want and don’t want to do. It will be good to read literature you like, develop additional skills and then the work you will find will be the work of your dreams.