12 November 2019

GDPR for business: problem or solution?

The GDPR is the EU regulation for the protection of personal data 2018 with the help of which European Union and European Commission strengthen the protection of personal data.

In essence, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the EU law that was created in order to protect users’ data, their personal lives. Because each of us wants to be sure that when buying a service or product, our data will not be known to anyone.


GDPR and child data processing

The GDPR regulation has separate clauses and information on the special protection of the children’s data. How does this relate to business? It is directly related to business, namely, that organizations do not use this data for marketing purposes or when providing services directly to the child.

In a separate article of the regulation it is even stated that the processing of data of children under the age of 16 is considered legal if the parents give consent to the processing of the personal data of the child.


Is GDPR a problem for business for real?

First of all, companies are worried because the general data protection regulation provides significant fines. For example, if your organization saves the collected information longer than the specified period or uses it in a completely different way from what is indicated in the data processing conditions. As a result, the business:

  • pays fines;
  • loses reputation;
  • receives acts from people whose information has been publicly disclosed.

As for Ukraine, the Law “On the Protection of Personal Data” was to become a certain preparatory stage and instructions for adopting the regulations. The protection of personal data in 2018 was slightly different from the current market situation and all thanks to the law of the EU Commission. Now the GDPR of Ukraine is not at the highest level. Ukraine is now in the list of countries that have a low level of data protection that entails a reduction in the possibility of cooperation with other countries.

GDPR compliant – what is it?

GDPR compliant is a business that complies with all the standards and requirements of the GDPR regulation on the protection of personal data. Companies should understand that it is not a threat but vica versa – GDPR compliance helps you to be more responsible with regard to the database and information that you operate.

To become GDPR compliant follow these rules and better adapt your business to the norms:

  1. Provide reliable protection of data and information about employees, customers or suppliers;
  2. Inform customers about what information about them and for what purpose you save;
  3. Inform employees about the basic information of the regulation;
  4. When buying a database, carefully check it for coordination of the provision of information.


Based on this information, it can be concluded that GDPR is a certain adaptation of a business to reliable protection of the data of customers, partners, etc. Moreover, the provisions on the protection of personal data in 2018 became a kind of impetus for companies that work with personal information. And GDPR compliance is a rather difficult procedure and requires experience in order to turn GDPR into a prerequisite for doing business both in Ukraine and when cooperating with EU countries.