20 November 2019

Why does the modern classic business need an R&D team for IT solutions?

Ukraine’s IT market 2019 consists not only of outsourcing and outstaffing companies. The potential of our IT specialists is much greater: we have not only programmers who are being pursued by foreign companies but also engineers, cybersecurity specialists, electronic engineers and others.

In general, not so long ago R&D solutions in IT were a definite step forward for Ukrainian IT.


R&D what is it?

R&D (research and development) are unique solutions that are absolute innovations (no one has done them before you). For example, an online store where you can pay with the help of FACE ID. R&D is what helps organizations occupy a new niche in the market by creating a new addition to their product. The business that’s pursuing innovation, overtakes competitors and occupies a high place in the market, as a result.

Even a number of large companies already have their own R&D center in Ukraine (Samsung, Siguler Guff, NetCracker and many others).

In general, there are two R&D tasks:

  1. Study the market thoroughly and keep abreast of all innovative tools, methods.
  2. Offer the client such ideas and expertise that others cannot give them (R&D workers already know more than the customer).

Therefore, R&D is a specific research project. R&D is work that includes research and development of an innovative product. 

The structure of the R&D department allows you to:

  • To identify new technologies for product innovation that will provide business with a new place in the market;
  • Develop new products, services, patent solutions;
  • Introduce IT solutions in international markets.

The R&D company helps organizations introduce new technologies and provide them with a successful IT future. R&D is a way to keep up to date, be in trend and make your product modern and innovative.


R&D InDevLab Team

We are captivated by the tasks and solutions that we develop for our customers. We are interested in what is happening on the customer’s market, and it’s also important for us to create a quality product. For us, R&D is an opportunity to improve ourselves and improve the product or service of our client.