5 February 2022

HealthKit: what it is and where it is used?

Today, the topic of health is an extremely promising area of ​​mobile development.

This, of course, is facilitated by such factors as the trend towards a healthy lifestyle, the fashion for various gadgets to control the state/activity of your body, the presence of powerful mobile and permanent devices capable of storing/processing information.

HealthKit is a tool for Android and iOS devices designed to store and share health data. It is also a platform that makes collecting and managing of health data simple, convenient, and powerful.

Today, all wearable devices that are tied to health and fitness are trying to use HealthKit. The reason for this is the fact that a sufficient amount of data about the patient is not always collected and doctors cannot determine the moment when a person begins to get sick. And with the help of HealthKit on different devices, it became possible to collect data for new medical research and new patterns. It becomes clear what affects the development of certain diseases. Such devices are devices that measure heart rate, insulin and sugar, blood counts and monitor the quality of sleep.

Back in 2014, Apple introduced HealthKit along with iOS 8. HealthKit is Apple’s solution for storing, managing and sharing health data. It also opens up great opportunities for developers. Thousands of applications are already integrated with HealthKit.

Where else is HealthKit used?

HealthKit is used not only by mobile devices but also in: 

  • sports applications
  • medical applications
  • military development
  • electronic banks, for example in a monobank
  • brand advertising companies

As we already said, the topic of health and everything connected with it in development is incredibly promising, and more and more applications that are integrated with HealthKit appear on the market. InDevLab is not far behind from global trends and is also developing applications that can be integrated with HealthKit. We will provide the best solutions in the development of such products.