13 December 2019

IT Dinosaurs VS Artificial Intelligence

Specialists who are engaged in automation and artificial intelligence say that in the future there will only be robots and technologies that will control the world, as well as people who control robots. Perhaps even IT companies.

The model of total domination of robots and artificial intelligence is quite futuristic. Why? Human intelligence is more valuable than a machine, because it is human who creates the intelligence of a machine. Therefore, human knowledge and opportunities are unlimited.

To show how human experience works in comparison with artificial intelligence we need to recall the times when a similar trend was observed, when the development of technology started with the maximum computerization of businesses and the appearance of computers in every house. So which companies survived then?

This is what our CEO Dmytro Hanzhelo tells about in an article for the online magazine Focus. Follow the link to learn about the future of IT companies and different opinions of specialists about robotics and artificial intelligenc.