21 January 2019

Technologies and comprehensive IT-solutions to automate your business

More and more entrepreneurs who succeed in business are looking for new ways to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of their business. Eventually, the company expands, the number of employees grows, new units are created and the number of business processes which employees have to deal with is increasing. At the same time, managers and other employees do not have enough time to process all information in time. As a result, it leads to the work performance slowdown and the inability to finish the projects on time. If it sounds familiar to you, then it’s time to automate your business.

Why does business need automation?

Business automation involves the implementation of modern tech innovations into the working environment of the company. It helps to simplify complex elements of business processes and eliminate unnecessary ones, as well as to minimize the risks to make errors caused by the “human factor”. In general, the correct application of business automation allows to:

  • cut the expenses;
  • improve the company’s business processes;
  • save time;
  • provide effective business development;
  • securely store information and provide reliable protection against potential hackers;
  • improve the work quality of employees;
  • effectively support operational activities.

Comprehensive IT-solutions for efficient business automation

To effectively automate business, InDevLab team proposes to use comprehensive IT-solutions that would meet current trends and business requirements. A properly chosen comprehensive solution will allow business to speed up and improve the mechanisms of the company and will give the company another competitive ability. InDevLab specialists name the following main elements within comprehensive IT-solutions:

  • Information Security Audit

Today, any valuable information is worth its weight in gold. As innovative technologies rapidly develop, the risk of information leakage to the third parties and external interference with the company’s business processes is also growing. In our opinion, the audit is a significant factor to improve the security of a company. Indeed, it helps companies to get quantitative and qualitative assessments of the current state of their business. This issue should be solved not only by the company, which is endangered but also by experienced auditors whose task is to improve the company’s security system.

The competent  specialists from InDevLab are the ones who do it perfectly. They will conduct a step-by-step audit, which includes exploring the current state of the business, identifying vulnerabilities in the information security system, comparing the results with other studies, giving recommendations for the company to strengthen the enterprise’s security, and applying measures to prevent a company from future threats. Their recommendations have repeatedly helped companies to improve the information security system and the efficiency of information systems in general.

  • IT-Infrastructure Creation and Development

IT-infrastructure and its role in optimizing business processes were discussed earlier in our previous article. There is no doubt that this is one of the most important components that must be considered when automating a business. A well designed IT-infrastructure allows a business to get a number of significant advantages, such as increasing profitability, improving technological and business processes, ensuring uninterrupted work around the clock. When building it, InDevLab specialists focus on the complex solutions. After all, the most positive result can be achieved only when all the main processes of the company are covered. As practice shows, if you save on at least one element of the IT-infrastructure, then wait for even greater financial losses in the future.

  • Technical Support

Technical support provides assistance in ensuring the effective functioning of the software product and the entire IT-infrastructure of the enterprise. Highly qualified InDevLab specialists (more than 15 years of experience!) will provide round-the-clock monitoring of the company’s infrastructure state, warn about problem areas of the system and give answers concerning any IT issues 24/7. The main goal of technical support is to eliminate malfunctions as soon as possible and solve problems that concern the customers.

As you can see, an effective result in the automation of any business can be achieved if all the above elements are simultaneously involved in the work. It is a comprehensive approach to the issue that can raise your business to a new quality level and provide the long life of your company. So when it comes to the future of your company, do not neglect additional tools for the development of your own business.