27 November 2018

Top 3 information leaks in Ukraine for 2018

Sometimes it seems that hackers are not interested in our personal information or correspondence on the Internet. But is it so? Today we will tell you what hackers have already been able to learn about us!


Hackers broke into the site of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and require bitcoins

Unknown attackers broke into the official website of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and demand cryptocurrency for unlocking.

“Your important site files are encrypted. Many of your .php, .css, .js and other files are no longer available because they were encrypted. You may be searching for a way to recover your files, but don’t waste your time! No one can decrypt your files without our special decryption service” – is said in a message written in English, posted by attackers on the website of the Ministry of Energy.


Personal data of Nova Poshta clients leaked to the Internet

A number of Ukrainian media have reported a large-scale leakage of the personal data of customers of the logistics company Nova Poshta. It was indicated that in the darknet two new clients of “Nova Poshta” were put up for sale. One database contains information about 500 thousand customers, the second about 18 million.

18 million people – almost a third of the population of Ukraine, where the company operates.

The seller told the price – 1500 hryvnia for the base (about $ 70) which contains the data of half a million people. They ask for such a sum, because the database does not contain information, with the help of which it would be possible in the future to gain access to the servers, to the personal accounts of users. How is such data used? First of all, for intrusive advertising: advertising SMS-messages, calls, and so on.

Hackers posted data of 47 thousand Ukrainian Facebook users

The data of 257 thousand users of the social network Facebook are freely available on the Internet, including personal messages of more than 80 thousand users. It is reported by the Air Force.

On the last “mirror” of the site, hackers posted data from nearly 200 countries, most of the users (47 thousand) from Ukraine.

It is emphasized that in most cases, profiles stolen by hackers contain data of biographies, mobile phones and lists of friends. According to the broadcaster, hackers said that they have a total of 120 million Facebook accounts.