Background Cases

Entertainment. New business model

Business analysis and modeling. Software development.

A business that has been operating for more than 20 years is looking for new ways to invest its capital in its own projects of its own field. It was necessary to propose and develop a new product model in the field of entertainment, taking into account new technologies and trends: blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and big data. A requirement for the project was to become a global entertainment service.


The analysis of the market and competitors, analysis of the current situation on the market, related areas and indirect competitors were carried out. Having access to the client's company, we conducted a business analysis of current economic, financial and legal processes. Based on the data, 3 business models were created, different types of business such as B2B, B2C and C2C were designed and modeled. The business processes such as product development, infrastructure, and documentation development, testing and implementation were launched after the accepted concept.


Now the product is being tested in 5 countries and works with loads of several thousand users per minute. The proposed amount for the purchase of the product exceeds its cost of 50 times.

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