19 September 2019

5 things that hinder IT growth in Ukraine

The development of Ukrainian IT – so what still hinders and even slows it down? Perhaps it’s the lack of qualified specialists, the state’s lack of interest in the development of IT in Ukraine or is it something else?

Or probably we still have qualified personnel, but foreign companies intercept them before Ukrainian ones – what do you think? To understand this, we have prepared for you a selection of the top 5 things that affect the development of IT in our country in a rather unpleasant way – read and perhaps you will make your contribution towards their elimination!


Underestimation of the IT importance 

Most government agencies and entrepreneurs still ignore the possibility of introducing any kind of innovation involving working with technology. Ukrainian people need to understand that IT technology must be perceived as a tool to achieve goals in any field. For example, the idea that they could not improve some state institutions in any way should have left most Ukrainians long ago!

Adverse business climate

The problem of IT specialists in our country is that most of them work “in the shade.” And the economic climate acts as an obstacle, since IT-specialists most often have problems with processing a large number of documents in the tax service, pension fund, banks and others. But the changes in the tax code of Ukraine are not very encouraging. For example, with an average salary of 2-2.5 thousand dollars, an IT specialist should spend almost a third of it on taxation.

Lack of higher education quality 

Most Ukrainian specialists are self-taught, since our universities are still working on an outdated curriculum. The world is moving forward, and we seem to be behind everyone. In order to catch up with others, the Ukrainian higher education system must be immediately reformed and improved in conformity with international standards.

Lack of qualified personnel

The low standard of living in the country, political instability and legal insecurity of business from government bodies pressure and law enforcement agencies – all this has contributed to the fact that over the past few years more than 10 thousand IT specialists have left Ukraine to work abroad. Our specialists work all over the world, which means that we have enormous potential and such small opportunities for development.

The problem of protecting individual property rights

It is also important! Now the government is introducing certain measures, but we are still looking for the alternative ways not to pay for content and software – it’s easier, we are so used to it! Ukrainians must understand that only when we solve the problem with the protection of individual property rights – only then we will receive investments in intellectually local spheres! After all, it is so important for our IT specialists to be confident in their rights of authorship when they work on their own projects!


There are a lot of qualified IT-specialists in our country. Perhaps somewhere among us there walks the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? But if this industry continues to be hindered by an unpleasant economic climate or underestimation of the IT sector, then we will never know about the capabilities of our IT specialists, which cannot please us in any way.