28 November 2018

Comprehensive projects

The phrase “comprehensive project” can be heard almost everywhere, and for the most part in relation to IT projects. In order not to write the long definitions of this term, we will tell you what an comprehensive project is in our opinion. First of all, this type of project implements an integrated approach to solving the problems of improving business efficiency, and this is what InDevLab is mostly engaged in. We specialize in the development of integrated infrastructure solutions, including in-depth expertise in cybersecurity. We undertake projects of any complexity, ensuring the long-term efficiency of the business processes of your company and we understand how important it is to create a cozy business environment and ensure coordinated work of the company and each of its departments.

Speaking about comprehensive projects, it is important to note that we endow every integrated IT project with three main features:

  1. You should not think that “comprehensive project” means a large project. We provide every comprehensive project we are working on with the availability of the final customer value.
  2. As mentioned above, this type of project is aimed at improving business efficiency using modern information technologies and, accordingly, the comprehensive project from InDevLab has three main components: different types of management consulting, business software and IT infrastructure.
  3. The order of implementation of such projects plays a big role in the final result. Our team believes that there is a need to start with management consulting, because firstly our employees formulate the company’s strategy, prescribe business processes. At the second stage, we start the formation of an IT strategy and proceed to implement business software and upgrade the IT infrastructure.

Most of the projects that our company implements are comprehensive – these projects are for the development, implementation and provision of subsequent maintenance of a specific software solution. The uniqueness of InDevLab during the implementation of comprehensive projects is the TRIZ and DESIGN THINKING approach. This approach is a feature of our team, since InDevLab solutions are not formulaic, we develop unique solutions, referring to the needs and challenges of the client. Our solutions are simply necessary for successful business and its development not only in IT, but also in all areas of the modern economy.