17 April 2020

Doctor Online treats: 24/7, for free, remotely

Mobile services that help people during the quarantine, remotely providing basic needs, now worth its weight in gold. Remote access to medical consultations and emergency care specialists became crucial during the isolation.

Medical technology, how separate IT sphere was presented at iForum in 2018 when the final contest of biomedical startups MBioS Challenge took place at the conference. We are following this important area of technology development, and our regular material about IT on the quarantine is dedicated to Doctor Online app.

How the program works and what features it offers users says Maria Prokhorova, Chief Marketing Officer of the company InDevLab that is a member of a survey among our subscribers. The company InDevLab developed a technical solution for Doctor Online service.


How and when the Doctor Online platform was created?


The first version of mobile apps for users and web platform for doctors was released on 26 November 2019. The founder of the eponymous company “Doctor Online”, which is directed by Nicholai Kissel, brand partner — the company “Kyivstar”, and the technical development partner was the company InDevLab. Even before the quarantine, there was the possibility of giving and receiving online consultation from doctors via video and audio call or chat on the platform. In February I personally received the delivery of medicines and ordered the delivery of analyses. Since I am a very busy person and have a weak immune system — for me this app is a real salvation.

Actually, my experience of testing the service as an average user is quite positive. It includes: urgent consultation in the night from Saturday to Sunday, ordering analysis and its delivery, and then the reminder to take a pill. So as a user I was satisfied. But as a representative of the company that developed this app, I made sure that everything works well and really helps people.


What has changed during the quarantine


We haven’t launched this app specifically for quarantine so agreed with circumstances, and now the service has become very relevant. But before the quarantine, we were ready to take a large number of cases.

What has changed? During the pandemic in Ukraine, a major philanthropist and co-founder of project Dmitry Kravchenko decided to make consultations free for all residents of Ukraine. Now in every corner of our country, at any time, any citizen can get free online consultation through the mobile app. This will not only reduce the burden on doctors in district or city clinics and hospitals but also preserve the health of Ukrainians who can safely comply with quarantine standards.


About the load on doctors in the app


Today, more than 1,000 users are consulted daily through Doctor Online. The burden on doctors has grown. 70 doctors now cooperate with the platform, there were 50 of them at the beginning of the epidemic. All doctors work under the Labor Code. The burden is increasing all the time, because, despite the acute pandemic situation, people are not only affected by the coronavirus: nervous tension, stomach and heart problems, children are ill and so on.

Doctor Online allows you to get first-rate advice through modern communications.  And for Ukrainians today, it’s a really great tool to stay home and talk to your doctor.  Our specialists work 24/7. However, if the case requires a physical examination, a Doctor Online application will immediately inform the patient, that he should visit the hospital.

We plan to have the Diet and Psychological Assistance modules in the Doctor Online app. We also plan to introduce functionality for insurance medicine and integration with insurance companies. We recently released a new version where you can now connect fitness bracelets and smartwatches to track your health.


Text provided by iForum 2020