30 April 2020

How will the world and business change after the coronavirus?

Epidemic COVID-19 greatly changed the way of life, perception and the world in General. The Internet is the new reality of the modern world! There is a total virtualization of life.

All moved to a remote format – enterprises, companies, educational institutions, caterers. Today, all the technology that was developed and appeared relevant in recent times as never before. For example, the Internet, instant messengers, services of remote work has become an integral part of the “quarantine life” of a modern person. 

The quarantine has affected all spheres of life and on business. As you know, in addition to healthcare, gas stations and grocery stores are not running anything else. To withstand such a blow not everyone will be able to stay afloat, only those who quickly transform all their work online. The company transferred its employees to a remote work format or simply close your company. After the epidemic, the perception of office work has changed dramatically, and many employers and employees think about it, does it make sense to work in the office if remote work is not inferior to the efficiency of the office. In this regard, the market for remote work will change significantly, will be more remote vacancies. 

It is also worth noting that virtual reality will strengthen its position in the life of an ordinary person, because during the quarantine, people are not able to go to the cinema, to exhibitions, shopping malls, sightseeing and to replace this will come to virtual reality, especially computer games! Plenty of time is integrated into the virtual world – traveling, visiting museums, education, sports, entertainment, even online medicine. For example, by using site https://www.skylinewebcams.com you will be able to visit any part of the world, and also via the website http://mylouvre.su/ you can visit the Louvre. Agree, will be hard to wean from it after the end of the epidemic. That is why the world will change irrevocably in favor of IT, and to argue this is pointless.


Flash COVID-19 will be the impetus for the advancement of robotics. According to forecasts, will soon increase the demand for industrial robots, which are able to control the supply management system. It is known already about the use of robotics in medical applications – robots that sprayed disinfectant in the isolated wards, intensive care units and operating rooms. Also, China already has a national program, China + 1, aimed at reducing labor costs through technology: as described above, China uses robots in hospitals, which, in turn, reduces labor costs and minimizes the risk of infection for health workers. It is possible that after the epidemic the strategy will receive additional funding.  In addition, drones and robots for goods delivery services are also gaining popularity around the world.  For example, in the same China, drones are used to deliver goods to the customer at the door, again, to minimize the risk of infection for delivery service employees.

Summarizing the current business situation during the COVID-19 epidemic, we can say that there will be those who take full advantage of online technologies and can quickly reconfigure all work processes in the shortest possible time.  There will be those who will seek new methods of promoting an online business, taking advantage of all current developments.

Is it up to you to keep up with the times and find new solutions or to remain the “old school” and lose what was built over the years?