7 August 2019

Getting personal: Alina, our COO

If Dima and Masha are Lab’s parents, then Alina is our nanny, our operational director.

The person who leads and helps in every process of our teamwork. You can’t even imagine how many things are under her control. She meets us at the beginning of the journey, helps, prepares and then teaches and supports in everything. Anything can go wrong without her. Now you understand why we call her nanny? 

Credo: I never attack first. You do not touch me, I do not touch you. 

This is the most responsible person, perfectionist and career woman. Inaction is a horror and collapse, multitasking and stress is the engine of progress. All information passes through our Alina, so be respectful and do not cross her path. In general, she is an open and sociable person. So do not exaggerate, she is the spirit of our team, its motivator. 

Black belt in communication

Alina started as a tester. But, as you’ve already understood, it didn’t stop her, so she’s gone through PM, office manager, account manager, client communication, HR, even gulls and our favorite cookies (start drooling) thanks to Alina. Do you get now how we love her?

Strolls and nature 

Rest and spending time in nature where she is from – this is what fills up her energy. It is not surprising, because she spent all her childhood on the street hanging out with the guys. Climbing trees and spending time with the guys made our Alina fearless. She can climb wherever you want! Also, our Alina likes ATVs.


By the way, she likes adventures in books too. Alina found herself interested in detectives and business literature. She recommends reading  “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. Haven’t you read it yet? If not, you definitely should.

Doctor. Pharmacist. Interior and fashion designer.

You’ll ask, what do these professions have in common? This is a list of professions in which our operational director Alina could realize herself. But communications have won, so she is with us. You can be jealous now.