20 August 2019

IT Outsourcing is an effective and profitable solution

The concept of outsourcing came from the West, where there is a big number of companies specializing in this. However, this service is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine, especially in the IT field. Before describing its advantages for the business, we’ll first tell you what it is.

What is Outsourcing?

 Outsourcing is the transfer of some of the company’s functions, business processes or tasks to third-party specialized companies. If we are talking about IT outsourcing, then the tasks and functions will be related to information technology. For example, InDevLab company provides such outsourcing services as technical support, configuration and maintenance of servers and computers, assistance in optimizing the company’s business processes, database management and configuration. Thanks to outsourcing, a company can focus on solving its key issues without thinking about additional processes.


Advantages of IT outsourcing 

 There must be some explanation for the entrepreneurs using IT outsourcing services. From our own experience, we can name a few of the following significant advantages:

Cost reduction. The truth is, outsourcing services are not so expensive. If you take into account all the costs of performing certain business processes, this service will turn out much cheaper. In this case, you save a lot on personnel, work, and equipment.

Expertise. Let’s take, for example, our company. Special equipment and technical expertise from our specialists allow us to understand the current issues thoroughly and cope with the tasks better.

– Uninterrupted work. Regardless of the time, weather or holidays, the customer will get uninterrupted operation of a whole specialist staff. Our qualified specialists will constantly analyse the IT infrastructure of the enterprise and instantly resolve any arising problems. Thus, the customer’s company significantly reduces the time spent on troubleshooting.

– Reliability and stability. You do not need to worry about the reliability and confidentiality of data, as an outsourcing company is responsible for the quality of the services provided under the service contract.

Flexibility in resource management. The company doesn’t need to worry about staff cuts if the market changes, the volume of production reduces or the re-profiling of activities occurs.


In the modern world, managers often do not have enough time to perform certain processes, so the best solution is to outsource them. This service not only supports business, but also opens up new opportunities: you can concentrate on important company functions, study new technologies and world market trends, and eventually devote more time to yourself. If you are ready to try out all the advantages of this service, rely on our experts. They will offer you the best solution.