17 July 2019

Getting personal: Roma, our front-end developer

Meet Roma, our front-end developer.

Roma is responsible for the visual part of our projects that you can see on our website. Our hero of style and code, who creates the user interface, sends his regards to the guys at Kottans courses, who gave him a start as a front-end specialist.

Roma has understood and applied in the work other areas related to the front-end. He figured out mechanisms in the back-end, server settings for the website, and also mastered good troubleshooting skills.

Dance Culture and Coding

Roma is not just coding, he’s coding while dancing. More than 4 years ago he started practicing popping dances. The dance gripped him and introduced him to new friends with whom he goes through life, becoming a part of the dance culture. You must have seen him dancing on Khreshchatyk with no idea it was our front-end developer.

Or maybe he speeded around your office. If you love speed and bikes – you will understand Roma. Yes, he is not only coding with the speed of light, but also rides the same way. He prefers downhill and freeride styles. The one who loves downhill racing and jumping will get it for sure.

If you want to ride, you have to set up a bike

As you might have noticed, Roma likes to be involved in many processes. Therefore, being completely into cycling, he assembled not one, but two bicycles. The same went for the adjacent areas of the front-end. He can recreate and understand the logic of all processes and mechanisms that he’s really interested in. Also, he always helps his team with everything he has himself experienced. Thanks to this, guys can always work smoothly and efficiently. Well, that’s our Roma!