26 December 2018

IDL product development (iOS & Android apps)

Today it is difficult to imagine our lives without mobile devices. They serve us not only as a convenient communication tool and assistant in the work organization, but also as an effective tool in solving many problems. For example, thanks to mobile applications, you can learn a lot of new information, buy and order things, products, plan trips, communicate with your friends and mates through social networks, learn, develop and much more. Therefore, it is not surprising that each company, creating a particular product, strives to expand its boundaries through mobile applications, which would ensure full interaction with users and provide bigger opportunities for feedback.

InDevLab specialists will offer you the best solutions for the development of high-quality mobile applications for platforms such as iOS and Android. Before getting to our stages of application development, let’s find out why the business needs it.

  • Mobile app is something that drives the market.
  • It plays an important role in brand positioning.
  • It increases customer loyalty. Mobile applications provide recognition of your brand and regular interaction with your audience. Thus, you convince your customers why they should choose your product or services.
  • It increases sales of goods and services. Customer satisfaction grows, so do the sales.
  • It improves the quality of communication with your client. Your business is always available for your users. Any information about your brand can be obtained with one click.

And now let’s get to the main stages of the IDL team’s work in application development:

  1. Defining the target audience

Before starting a product development, we define its target audience, for example, whose interests the company is going to meet. After all, the strategy and the effectiveness of promoting your service depends on it. When we have a clear view of your target audience, we can proceed to the further development of the application.

2. Selecting mobile platforms

iOS & Android are the leaders among operating systems, since Android covers 82% of the market (as of 2016), and iOS reaches 18%. In order to choose the right platform, you need to take into account many factors. Our experts will advise you and help to choose the best option for the realization of your business objectives.

3. Concept development

Any qualified application is based on a successful concept that provides a solid foundation. When creating a mobile application, you need to understand what opportunities it should open to its user, to determine, first of all, what the user can achieve using this application.

4. Formation of technical task

The technical task includes the main objectives, requirements for the product, it formulates the dates and stages of development, indicates the purpose of the product and the field of its application. Both the customer and the executor needs it for good work. After all, the technical task helps to present the project before starting work and perform a thorough audit of the final product.

5. Interface design

Attention should be paid to the first three pages of the application, because it is the first thing the user sees when entering the application. Here we need to work on every detail. We always offer a convenient, attractive and easy-to-use interface, so that users can easily choose one or another function.

6. Software development

Software development is the next important stage in the development of a mobile application. Here, InDevLab specialists take into account such elements as screens, buttons, icons and other components necessary for the full and smooth functioning of the application.

7. Testing

Product testing is carried out in order to eliminate possible errors and bugs that may appear during the development. Therefore, we need to identify and get rid of them, so that the user could receive in the end a qualified product with comfortable and easy to use  functionality.

8. Application Placement

Our final step is to choose where the application should be installed. The most popular  mobile application stores are GooglePlay, Ovi Store and AppStore. Considering the target audience and its needs, our experienced specialists will be happy to help you in choosing the right store. After successful publication, you can use our support service to provide further development of your product.

If you want to develop a high-quality and competitive mobile application for your product, contact us. We will gladly help you with this!