19 December 2018

IT-infrastructure. How to understand this complex concept and how it helps in the work of an enterprise

IT-infrastructure is an organization of enterprise software, computational programs which provides the resources necessary for solving business problems of an enterprise. Simply, the company’s IT-infrastructure includes devices with Internet access, databases, software, corporate email and so on. All these elements are connected through the Internet and work together, which allows you to effectively perform various tasks and create a business environment for the coordinated work of the entire company and each department. Correct work of the IT-infrastructure provides communication between departments that can be physically removed from each other, transfer and receipt of files and information, as well as correct operation of all the company’s services.

In general, today it is difficult to imagine a company that does not use any IT-tools in their work. And mostly, building your own IT-infrastructure is a challenge for a rapidly growing enterprise. It is very important to understand that the concept of IT-infrastructure does not end with technical solutions, since it is also a properly designed set of systems that are responsible for efficient operation.

Competently designed and built IT-infrastructure creates a number of advantages for businesses, including increased profitability, cost optimization, improved productivity and efficiency of business processes and technological processes. But the IT-infrastructure also has a weak spot and this is the activity of the company’s employees. Clicking on unchecked links, hacking and replacing a username and password, as well as phishing, allow attackers to get inside the company’s IT-infrastructure and harm its work.

To ensure the efficiency of an enterprise, it is necessary to create a high-quality IT-infrastructure that would include many services and solutions. And all this should not only correspond to the state of the enterprise, but also have something for the future. And here it is important to note that each company works in a particular industry, and the requirements of each company may have their own characteristics. For example, if we talk about the IT-infrastructure for companies operating in the financial sector, then security is very important for them, namely the security of information about transactions and personal customer data. But if we take into account any field of activity, then at the beginning of creating such an infrastructure, it is important to understand that a company will achieve maximum effect only if the IT-infrastructure is comprehensive, that is, the one that covers all the main processes of an enterprise. But do not think that if the IT-infrastructure of your company is not complex, then there will be no benefit from it. Of course, the effect will be achieved, but it will differ from the comprehensive IT-infrastructure. And sometimes saving on some elements of the IT-infrastructure can be much more expensive in practice.

The main goal of the IT-infrastructure is to improve business processes and ensure the work around the clock. The latter is very important, since even a small delay drags on downtime and even losses.

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