27 November 2018

Top 5 hacker attacks in 2018

Today you will learn about the top 5 hacker attacks that happened in 2018.

Credit cards of 380 thousand customers of British Airways

Hackers got access to the data of credit cards of the clients of British Airways. Cyberattack referred to 380 thousand people.

“We are urgently investigating the theft of our users’ data through our website and mobile app,” said British Airways.

Hacking of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense server

The so-called “Brazilian wing” of the Anonymous hacker association called AnonOpsBR reported the successful hacking of one of the servers of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense. An unauthorized entry into the closed part of the military department’s databases was confirmed by the international research group DefCon Lab. The press service of the Ministry of Defense refuses to give any comments on the fact of hacking, as well as on the amount and type of data that could be accessed.

As evidence of this, the personal data of the country’s commander, General Villas Boas, were made publicly available.

The stealing of the data of five million cards

The hacker group JokerStash, also known as Fin7, announced on a darknet the sale of data over five million payment cards stolen from May 2017 to March 2018 from the oldest North American trading company Hudson’s Bay Company. The incident was discovered by Gemini Advisory. This is one of the largest attacks on the retail trade, the damage from it could be a record, since the victims were the wealthy customers of the HBC Saks Fifth Avenue, which sells luxury brands. The residents of New York and New Jersey suffered mostly.

400 accounts of Vietnamese bank customers

Vietnamese bank “Agribank” was attacked by computer hackers. Hackers stole data of 400 clients of a financial institution.

Many account holders have partially lost their funds. Bank employees are finding out the circumstances of the incident and assessing the damage caused to customers.

In 2017, over 40 thousand cyberattacks were observed in Vietnam, the damage from which exceeded $ 400 million.

$ 20 million were stolen from the major banks in Mexico by hackers

From the accounts of several large banks in Mexico, unknown people stole more than $ 20 million.

Banorte Bank was affected the most. Almost 8 million dollars disappeared from its accounts. The credit institution confirmed the fact of hacking, but noted that customer accounts were not affected.

Three years ago, several Mexican banks also suffered from the actions of intruders. Then the damage amount was 2.6 million dollars.