15 May 2019

What is InDevLab’s cloud office?

The world doesn’t stand still. Before you know it, new technologies emerge. They change our habits, priorities, free us from unnecessary worrying and improve the work process as a whole. Remember how you used to write down some business plans in your notebook, but now prefer using a convenient online calendar? Or when you exchanged Word documents with your colleagues, but today have the opportunity to work simultaneously on the same file in Google Docs? All these advantages are created thanks to the cloud technologies, which all the time offer you new solutions to improve the performance of your business. And one of such effective and proven solutions is Cloud Office from InDevLab.

What is cloud office?

Cloud office allows your company to store data and work with information on a third-party server, access to which is made through a network. This is a wide range of services provided by InDevLab to modern business for improving the efficiency of its business processes, ensuring high mobility and information security in real time.

Why do you need cloud office?

The main advantages of the cloud office are the following:

Access from anywhere in the world

Thanks to this service, you will no longer be tied to a place, time or people. All the necessary information stored in the cloud office will be available to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  All you need is the Internet, a device to access the network and login with password.

Reliability and safety

Data stored in the “cloud” is protected by several levels of security and additional reliability ensures remoteness of the servers. There are some cases of raider attacks, equipment seizures by law enforcement agencies or natural disasters, which led to the paralyzation of company work and loss of important information. In case of a cloud solution, this possibility is excluded since we use innovative and modern tools to prevent the loss of information from third parties and the impact of the environment. In addition, our experts back up data every 15 minutes to reduce the risk of information loss.


By using cloud office services you get significant economic benefits, such as savings on computers, servers, maintenance of equipment, savings when purchasing licensed software. There is no need to repair or upgrade server equipment or buy expensive working laptops and computers, as the cloud itself provides high speed and efficiency. You also reduce the cost of administering and maintaining office computers by 90% as our specialists take full responsibility for the operation of the system and your data security. They carefully monitor the work of programs in the “cloud” and ensure the information security of the company around the clock .

Shared access

Cloud office provides users with the opportunity to work together in order to solve various business problems. You can monitor the working process of the tasks and their implementation at a certain stage at any time. Thus, you will always stay in the loop and, in case of the slightest inaccuracy or mistake, you can quickly correct the current situation.

High quality service

As we have mentioned earlier, you will get free access to the cloud office from any location around the clock. Modern servers and high-speed SSD-drives that we use in our work will guarantee you a good speed and high-quality work. In addition, your company will have its own specialist, who at any time can be reached by phone, via Skype or mail, as well as operative technical support, which will gladly help you to resolve issues related to the work of the cloud.


Thanks to the cloud office, your business processes become transparent, you save your valuable time and significantly minimize the costs of the enterprise. Therefore, do not be afraid to try new things. Start improving your organization, beat up the wall of conservatism and provide your business with new opportunities for development.


If you are interested in cloud office services, please, follow this link: https://cloud-office.indevlab.com/