13 March 2020

Who is a middle developer? And how to become middle developer?

As it is known, there are 3 stages of development in programming: junior, middle and senior developer. Let`s talk more about who is the middle developer and how to become one.

What does it mean to be middle developer? 

Middle – this is the person who has gained some experience. You’re not afraid of a long-term task, write the programs by yourself. 


And how the middle differs from junior? 

The main requirement for middle developer is the ability to solve problems independently. As a middle you’re familiar with the standard templates and solutions when creating an application in the field of development, understand for what they are needed, and know how to apply them. You are not led by your curator anymore – you become more independent in the field of development. Middle already understands that working in a team and interaction among staff are the key to success. And of course money and experience. Junior gets little money, but lots of experience and useful tips, thanks to the curator, and middle gets more money and experience, but a little different – his own.

Distinctive characteristics for middle developer:

  • dedication
  • diligence as there is too much work to do, after all
  • middle developer is regarded to be a valuable employee in the team
  • creative and innovative approach to solving tasks

The transition from junior to middle developer takes on average from 1 to 3 years. In real life middle can be compared with a teenager who thinks that he knows everything better than others. This stage is characterized by the fact that middle expects that he knows everything he needs to know and there is no need to learn something new. But on the other hand, having certain skills and knowledge, respectively, as a teenager, middle developer begins to be creative and to experiment. 


Will you be hired on the position of middle developer by a company? 

Middle – the “comfortable” stage of development of the developer – you already know and can do more than junior, but the advantage of middle over the senior is that employer can “grow” such a specialist that is needed for the company, because it is easier to teach than to retrain.