6 March 2020

Why do you need to become a junior-developer?

There are 3 levels in programming: junior, middle and senior.

Junior writes the code under supervision of the elders and asks them for help.

Middle writes programs.

Senior is engaging  in architecture, interchange systems and high-level cases.

Being a Junior means working overtime. Because you’re slow, didn’t understand something or just need to find some information. Sometimes you need to come on weekends. And that’s okay, because you’re gaining experience and knowledge.

Being a Junior means finding new examples to follow, trying to emulate any experience and constantly facing forward.

Why you need to become a junior?


Becoming a junior is a perfect option to gain experience. There are many companies that are not willing to pay much to the newbies, but are willing to invest in their development in order to grow a strong programmer: they give them a mentor, teach them, help with the code.The requirements for candidates are simple: knowledge of the basics of a language, desire to develop, persistence and willingness to work for a small salary. For many beginners, this is a real way to become more professional in a six months.


Of course, not all companies are willing to pay big money to newcomers, hoping that they will learn everything by themselves. Although, on the other hand, if you write in a simple and understandable language, there will be more competition, and those who write in perspective languages will be paid more.

And what is in the end?

The qualities which are important for a junior are following:

  • Desire to grow and learn (and especially on your own mistakes);
  • Energy and commitment;
  • Great tolerance for criticism.

Junior may need much more time for the tasks that senior can accomplish in ten minutes, and the code will have to be completely rewritten in the process consuming a lot of extra energy. It is important not to be afraid of this and feel the balance: when to press, trying to solve a task on your own, and when to stop beating your head against the wall, wasting project time, and ask for help.

It’s worth becoming a junior simply because it is a good opportunity to gain experience and learn from the “seniors”. If you write in promising languages – Kotlin or Rust, you will be paid more and also you won’t have that competition. And you can grow into middle very quickly.

And, if you still don’t understand whether become Junior or not, our answer is – definitely yes!